Curry Seasoning

Curry Seasoning

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curries should their own food group. this seasoning brings rich and earthy notes and a mild "zing" to any dish. create more flavour depth and the most delicious homemade curries with this masala of exotic flavours. 

how to use this curry seasoning:
ingredients & the health benefits:

coriander: did you know that coriander is the seed from the cilantro plant? interesting, right?! anyways, coriander seeds are fragrant and antioxidant rich, that may be helpful in reducing blood sugar and may help reduce painful indigestion.

turmeric: the active component in turmeric is curcumin which is a plant compound that is known for having very strong anti-inflammatory effects on the body. curcumin is an antioxidant that may protect cells in the body from oxidative damage. turmeric has also shown the impressive ability reducing angiogenesis and metastasis in cancer patients, as well as lessening the build up of amyloid plaque in the brain of those with Alzheimers. turmeric is a good source of manganese. the absorption of curcumin is much higher when taken with both ginger and black pepper. 

chili powder: cayenne, an ingredient our chili powder is a source of capsaicin. capsaicin has a thermogenic effect, which may increase secretion of gastric acid in the stomach and stimulate the nerve endings in the skin and blood circulation.

cumin: may exert anti-microbial and anti-bacterial benefits and is used in Ayurveda to help with symptoms of indigestion. cumin is a source of iron and potassium.

sea salt from the Himalayas: extracted by hand in Pakistan, this sea salt is pink in colour from the trace minerals that are present. trace minerals may help to support balance electrolytes (necessary to regulate and control the amount of fluids in the body).

mustard: mustard is a source of zinc and phosphorus, and contains glucosinolates which may be protective against lung cancer. 

maitake: containing beta-glucans that may positively effect the immune system to protect the body against influenza. maitake is a lovely mushroom to support overall health. contains antioxidants, vitamin C, D, as well as copper, potassium and amino acids.

black pepper: black pepper is rich in a plant compound called piperine which is an antioxidant and may be effective to suppress inflammation.

ginger: loved in both the culinary and medicinal world, ginger is great for combatting inflammation, nausea and indigestion. ginger is a source of quercetin, magnesium and vitamin B6.

bay leaves: containing the phytonutrient parthenolide, bay leaves may help to reduce inflammation of joints. bay leaves have a compound called linalool (also present in thyme and basil) that may help lower stress hormones, and are a source of vitamin C and B6, as well as calcium, iron and magnesium.

true cinnamon: containing the plant compound cinnamaldehyde (responsible for cinnamons strong aromatic presence), this active constituent thought to be why cinnamon may be responsible for boosting metabolism. cinnamon also helps to control blood glucose levels which may be helpful to those with type II diabetes. cinnamon may have anti-fungal/microbial properties, and is loaded with polyphenols antioxidants. cinnamon is also a source of calcium. 

gratitude: having a good "dose" of gratitude each day goes a long way. a practice of gratitude improves relationships with yourself and others, boosts optimism and self-esteem, enhances empathy, improves sleep quality and so much more. each Heirloom seasoning delivers an abundance of gratitude from our kitchen to yours.

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