Nourished Bundle

Nourished Bundle

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This limited edition bundle is loaded with nourishment. Perfect for gifting to someone you love this holiday season, or treating yourself to a box of goodies!

Filled with of our top culinary seasonings and superfood tonics, The Nourished Candle, plus a bingo card to have some fun and keep you accountable to stay nourished.

Take a deeper look at what's inside the Nourished Bundle:

  • Umami Culinary Seasoning: The Umami should be a staple in every single kitchen in the world. Perfectly named, this seasoning brings a savoury flavour to literally any dish. You can use it as a substitute for salt in any recipe (yes, seriously, ANY recipe), or season popcorn with it!
  • Everything Culinary Seasoning: This Everything seasoning can be used on, well, basically everything!! It has gained quite the cult following over the past few months, and heard from multiple customers that it is "even better than Trader Joe's"! It tastes best when sprinkled on eggs, avocado toast, garnishing stir fries, as a topper on salads, or seasoning vegetables and meats. Sometimes you can find us sprinkling it right into our palms and eating it straight up!
  • Golden Hour Superfood Tonic: This tonic is a blend of the super antioxidant lucuma, and the anti-inflammatory power houses turmeric and ginger. It is good for everyone, but if you are feeling any aches and pains in your joints or bloating, this superfood tonic is for you. It makes the most delicious latte that feels like a hug from the inside. You can also use it to nutritionally boost vinaigrettes, oatmeal, chia puddings, or bake banana muffins with it. YUM!
  • The Nourished Candle: This candle gives you the same feels as cuddling under your favourite fluffy blanket. Made with organic coconut wax an scented with non-toxic fragrances like vanilla, cedarwood, bergamot and a touch of rose to wash away stress and anxiety, this candle is perfect for days when you need some extra light.
  • Nourished Bingo: This game of bingo is the best. It is here to inspire you to nourish yourself in many different ways. We believe that nourishment happens in many ways in and out of the kitchen. It's a deep belly laugh shared with your best friends, saying your favourite affirmation, an afternoon of self care, or sitting down and mindfully eating your favourite meal. 

Only available online, the retail value of the products inside the Nourished Bundle is $75 but we want to gift them to you for only $65!