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Everything Cheddar & Chive Beer Bread

This beer bread is brought to you by an intense craving for fresh bread. The problem however, was that bread takes a lot of time to make. This bread in particular, doesn’t take a lot of time to make, so it was the perfect solution and we knew we had to share the recipe with you all! The convenience of beer bread, is that the naturally occuring yeast in the beer contributes to the leavening of the bread. It is very simple, made by simply just combining all of the ingredients together. No “knead” to be intimidated.  The Everything culinary seasoning adds delicious bits of texture from the nourishing seeds, with the onion and garlic perfectly accompanying the cheddar and...

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Adaptogenic Fudgesicles

These adaptogenic fudgesicles are SO good. Like, so so good.  Summer isn’t complete without these absolutely delicious chocolatey frozen treats; and with the support of adaptogenic herbs from our Adapt superfood tonic, we are pretty confident that eating these fudgesicles is one of the best ways to nourish yourself.  You would never guess that they are dairy free because the coconut milk makes them so perfectly creamy and the same texture as fudgesicles made with cow's milk.  They only take 5 minutes (maybe even a little less) to make, and honestly, the recipe is pretty much foolproof.  Recipe notes:  This recipe yielded 6 fudgsicles, however this may vary for you depending on the size/shape of your popsicle mold. This recipe...

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