Chef Services

We are proud to offer chef services in Nelson, British Columbia and surrounding areas.

Personal Chef Services
(Weekly Meal Prep)

Do you find yourself tired, un-inspired and not having time to cook? We are here to help. We create nourishing meals. Prepared just for you.

If you are struggling to find time to put a nourishing and flavourful meal on the table, don't worry, we are here to support you. That is not limited to only one meal; we can work to cover all of the areas you need help with! Your personal menu is customized to suit you and your families dietary requests. Using our experience in holistic nutrition and professional culinary training, along with the use of our organic culinary seasonings and superfood tonics, you can trust that we know how to nourish you and your family.

Each week we create and deliver a menu that is completely customized and designed to suit your lifestyle and dietary needs. Most clients find that they are struggling to find time/energy to handle their dinner options for the week. If this is the case, we are happy to prepare only dinners for the week. Or maybe you need support with lunches and snacks, or a couple dinners and a couple lunches, etc. What we are saying is, our personal chef services are designed to make your life easier and more nourished! You tell us the needs of you and your family, and we would be happy to support you.

Send an email to to inquire about our weekly personal meal prep services!

Private Dinner Parties 

Are you hosting a dinner party and want to be fully present with your guests instead of cooking in the kitchen? Let us do all of the planning, grocery shopping, cooking, plating, and cleaning for you so you can enjoy your party.

No event is ever the same, therefore no menu will be the same! We create a custom menu for each event based on what produce is in season and what will really "wow" your guests.

Send an email to to inquire about availability and book your next party!